Your current councillors are:

Chairman Cllr. Malcolm McCoy

I came to Porlock in 1972 and opened a saddlery shop and leather goods manufacturing business.  I have always helped out with the many community events put on in Porlock.  As Chairman of the Parish Council for the last three years, I try to keep matters simple and have a “Porlock First” policy for the greater good of the village.

Register of Interests – Cllr. McCoy

Chairman Declaration of Office

Vice Chairman Cllr. Andrew Milne

I have been returning to the family home in Porlock Weir since 1980, whilst serving in the Royal Marines and working in the City. In 2014 I retired and shortly afterwards joined the Parish Council. In 2019 I was elected as the District Councillor for Porlock District, not for any specific political  reason but a determination to ensure the district benefits from the merger of the two councils.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Milne

Cllr. Sarah Ellicott

I joined Porlock parish council in March 2018, I am passionate about local housing for local people and liaise with Devon rural housing partnership to help find adequate housing for those who need it. As a tenant myself I know the struggles of trying to find somewhere to live, having moved numerous times before settling where I am now on a local farm. As a young working mum with two boys I believe I provide young families in the area with a voice.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Ellicott

Cllr. Ian Fraser

We moved to Porlock about 5 years ago after I retired as a company director, we moved from a small village in north Warwickshire where I was also a Parish Councillor. I am also on the Recreation Ground Committee with the aim to do as much as I can to help improve our beautiful Village.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Fraser

Cllr. Terry Gable

I ‘found’ Exmoor 40 years ago, when I moved to the jewel that is Porlock village, 25 years ago. As a working artist, our stunning local coastal scenery is my continuing inspiration. I particularly enjoy being your community artist, with my designs displayed throughout the village on various road signs, maps, information leaflets and logo’s, that you see every day. I’m proud of my long association with Porlock Recreation Ground and look forward to its future, long term development plans, as a vital asset to our village.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Gable

Councillor David Hancock – Chairman of Planning Committee

As a member and Chairman of many local volunteer groups / Committees and a Retired Partner in Architectural practice, I am passionate about the general appearance of Porlock Village including landscaping and signage etc.. I am committed to keeping our Village and Parish thriving and to maintaining the local shops and hostelries – both important facilities for residents and visitors alike who all help to keep our beautiful Village alive.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Hancock

Cllr. Duncan McCanlis

There is creative change moving through Porlock and our planet; change to a sustainable way of living. This can be reflected by the Council in the form of more open ways of working and a local focus on global issues, in particular biodiversity loss. My feeling is that this group of Councillors and the people of Porlock are ready to move with this developing awareness.

Register of Interests – Cllr. McCanlis

Cllr. Richard Maw – Chairman of Finance Committee

It is an honour to serve as a councillor in the beautiful Parish of Porlock.  As Chairman of the Finance Committee, as Treasurer, and as link member of the local Tourist Association I will endeavour to help the village and its people prosper but yet retain its unique heritage and identity.  The Parish has a great deal to offer its residents and visitors alike but as custodians we also have a duty to cherish and preserve it for future generations to come.     

Register of Interests – Cllr. Maw

Cllr. William Rayner

Having grown up in Porlock I know the Parish well and feel fortunate that I am able to live and work in an area I really care about. For the last 30 years I have run Courtyard Framing in Minehead and 8 years ago opened Churchgate Gallery in Porlock. Between the two sites 9 local people are employed.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Rayner

Cllr. John Ware

I have lived in the area for 34 years and in Porlock since 1990. I have served on Porlock Parish Council since 2012 and have been the main Parish Councillor involved in securing the Community Library Partnership with Somerset County Council for Porlock Library ensuring the Library will continue for the foreseeable future.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Ware

Cllr. Chris Wood

What one gets out of life is entirely a function of what one contributes.  With that in mind it is a privilege to serve on the Parish Council and its Finance and Conservation Committees.  Porlock enjoys a magnificent setting and through good governance and leadership has managed to retain its charm and character.  Long may that continue.

Register of Interests – Cllr. Wood

Please find below a copy of the PPC Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct ADOPTED 20th May 2019:

Standing Orders PPC

Code of Conduct

Financial Regulations[11264]